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The best of Chodov

Why is Clever fit Chodov the most modern fitness centre in the Czech Republic? You will find here the best hi-tech Technogym exercise machines, Ladies Zone, circuit training sessions, a well-equipped relaxation zone and unique programs for members - Virtual Trainer and Upgrade Your Life system.

Technogym Bio Strength

Common mistakes in strength training, such as improper loading, range of motion, repetitions, tempo, or rest periods, can slow your progress and increase your risk of injury. Technogym Bio Strength weight machines with the patented Biodrive system use revolutionary aerospace technology powered by artificial intelligence to ensure maximum neuromuscular activation as well as proper exercise setup and execution. With personalized training programs and progressive guidance through biofeedback, you'll achieve 30 percent better results in the same amount of time!

Biocircuit Cardio Circuit Training

A range of Technogym exercise machines that offer a comprehensive, effective workout. When you arrive, you simply log in, the machines automatically adjust to the parameters you have uploaded on your smart wristband, and you can start training. Seamlessly move from one machine, which adapts perfectly to you, to the next, without stopping and waiting. With several preset programs to choose from, you're ready for a comprehensive and effective full-body workout in just 30 minutes!

Ladies zone

Don't like working out in an open gym in front of other members? At Clever fit Chodov, women have a separate Ladies Zone, equipped with cardio and weight machines, which women like to work out on the most.

Virtual Trainer

Virtual Trainer is a unique program that will create a customized training plan based on your input, requirements and goals. This fitness plan will combine workouts across the entire club and will combine strength machines, Biocircuit workouts, cardio zones, functional and strength zones. A Virtual Trainer will guide you from one machine to the next, at each one all you need to do is log in with your Clever fit wristband and work out the exercise. On each subsequent visit, the Virtual Trainer will prepare the next part of your workout. Thanks to the Virtual Trainer, you can have your personal coach with you at all times!

Race zones Skillbike, Skillrow & Skillmill

In each race zone, you'll find two machines with a display and associated screen that will serve up every conceivable piece of data about your workout and your body as you work out. In the race zones you can train alone or race with a partner - the screen is always shared between the two machines. And which race zones can you choose from? Skillbike, these are training machines that perfectly simulate cycling on real roads. Skillrow are the hi-tech rowing machines and Skillmill the extraordinary treadmill, on which you improve strength, speed, endurance and agility thanks to the integrated variable resistance.

Circuit training sessions

For those who do not like to exercise alone, Clever fit Chodov offers circuit training sessions under the guidance of our personal trainers. Facebook.

Upgrade Your Life

Upgrade your life, that's the principle behind our Basic membership. You can adjust it every day or even every month to suit your current needs! The membership itself includes only the basic services. But if you want to add on a tanning bed, minutes to the hydro massage lounge or a Biocircuit workout, simply click a few times in our special app, and you're good to go! Thanks to the Upgrade Your Life system, you can purchase any service or workout that Clever fit Chodov offers at any time in the Clever fit app.

Women's and men's relax zone

Fitness and wellness in one place? In Clever fit Chodov you will find both men's and women's Clever fit relax zone with members' sauna, vertical and horizontal solariums and hydromassage lounge. This unique system warms and massages the body, stimulates blood circulation, reduces stress and releases endorphins, known as the hormones of happiness. You choose where to focus the massage, select the pressure and speed. You can also create and save your own massage. This way, our members can choose whichever way they feel like relaxing and recovering after each session.