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Membership benefits

Why join us?

Membership that makes sense

We want you to have results. Therefore, the minimum membership period with us is set at 3 months. But you can also choose a more advantageous membership for 6 or 12 months.

Our team is dedicated to you

We are a "clever", so most things, including payments and entry, take place automatically. Our staff therefore has more time to take care of the cleanliness and help you with your workout.

Upgrade Your Life

You can customize your membership by the day or month to fit your current needs! In our app, you can conveniently upgrade your membership to pay only for the services you want to use.

Drinks and showers included

Drinking is important during exercise, so you have it available indefinitely in our Fitness bar. We do not charge absurd shower fees.

Great place and accessibility

You can easily reach us by car and public transport. Parking is free for each visit for 3 hours.

Innovative forms of workout

We offer the latest fitness machines, effective circuit training in free zone 2 as well as the completely innovative Biocircuit Cardio circuit training and high-tech Biostrength exercises.

Biocircuit: Fitness that adapts to you

Imagine a range of exercise machines that you simply log on to when you arrive, and they automatically adjust to the parameters you have recorded in your smart bracelet. You can immediately start your workout on machines that adapt perfectly to you. You switch from one machine to another, without unnecessarily stopping and waiting, and you have a comprehensive and effective training of the whole body finished in just 22 or 30 minutes. This is Biocircuit and Biocircuit Cardio.

It's your smart training. Whether you have never been to a fitness center or you are a sports professional, you can easily choose "your" program:

Start moving

Increase your energy and mood by gradually increasing your strength and improving your posture. If fitness is a bad word for you, then individually set Biocircuit personal training is the right one for you. In addition, if you need advice, your membership price includes assistance by our experienced clever fit trainers.

Lose weight

Boost your metabolism, and especially your energy expenditure! You can get slimmer and fitter by increasing muscle strength and burning more calories. A program for anyone who wants to feel a few pounds lighter, not only to have more energy for their family, work or dear half.

Shape your body

It has never been easier to look and feel better in one's own body. With Biocircuit, you can achieve this by increasing muscle balance and harmony, strengthening postural muscles that help you hold your body properly, and increasing joint flexibility.

Stay young

Improve the quality of your life thanks to a safe strength program, which has a beneficial effect on increasing your energy levels, helps to strengthen both muscles and bones, and last but not least, improves mood thanks to washed out hormones. And this applies to all age groups.

Increase your performance

A program suitable for athletes to increase muscle strength, which pushes the boundaries of training thanks to the most effective interval training with high intensity. Great as a supplement to the seasonal training of an athlete, as well as for off-season performance maintenance.

I train when I want, not when it suits the trainer. This is Biocircuit.

1. First training and setup

Only for the first training you have to arrive at a pre-arranged time. This is to allow the clever fit trainer to correctly set all your data into the system, pair your bracelet with the machines and select a suitable type of training for you. During the first lesson, you also adjust the height of the machine seats, choose the range of motion and test your performance to set the correct load.

2. Your trainings

Clever fit trainer will acquaint you in detail with each machine (in total there are 12 exercise machines in the Biocircuit Cardio circuit, 9 machines in the Biocircuit Free circuit) and set them exactly according to your training options and goals. After the initial setup with the trainer, you can come at any time and easily continue training where you left off last time.

3. One login

When you come to training, it all starts at the Biocircuit Kiosk, where you log in using the bracelet you received from us during the first visit. The Kiosk will show you your current training plan and you will be redirected to a free machine or, in case of full occupancy, placed on the waiting list (don't worry, the wait is not long - if the circle is currently occupied, you are the next one). You can then start training on any free machine.

4. Training on machines

On each machine, all you have to do is press the start button and start training. You train on the machine for 45 seconds, followed by a 30-second pause to move and start another machine. Of course, you can adjust the load during exercise. With the Biocircuit Free workout, you can switch between machines completely freely.

5. Exercises and results under control

After completing two complete laps on the machines, your training ends. You can easily check and compare the results from the current training, but also from the previous ones, at the Biocircuit Kiosk or from anywhere in the mywellness application.

See how Biocircuit works in practice