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Lesson schedule

Don't like to exercise alone? Come do it with us! We have prepared circuit training sessions under the guidance of our personal trainers just for you.

Lesson information

Washboard Abs

A 45-minute intense workout focused on the abdominal muscles with the aim of strengthening, firming and sculpting these muscles.


45-minute high-intensity interval training focused on the whole body with the main goal of weight reduction and body strengthening.

Biostrength Group lessons

A 45-minute circuit workout using Biostrength technology that focuses on strengthening the entire body.

Body Weight

A 45-minute full-body workout using your own weight, various equipment such as blasters, metas, balls and other tools.


Lessons focused on self-defense tactics for everyone without exception.

Total Body

An intense 45-minute full-body circuit workout that draws you into the workout with its incredible dynamics using a variety of free weights, balance tools, plyoboxes, step-ups, resistance bands and more.

Lose Weight

A vigorous, intense 45-minute full-body circuit workout with the main goal of weight loss.


45-minute circuit training focused on strengthening and shaping the buttocks and overall lower body with the help of free weights, resistance bands and other tools.